intercept CS

The intercept CS Cold Sore Prevention System, is comprised of an ergonomically designed hand held unit and a disposable treatment activator, good for preventing one occurrence per activator.

The base unit comes with two disposable treatment activators and for future occurrences the treatment activators can be purchased separately.

How it works

The intercept CS system provides controlled topical heat without the risk of burning the skin. The device’s controlled range of heat naturally prevents the outbreak of cold sores.
The intercept CS is applied when one first senses the tingling, itching or burning typical of the onset of a cold sore (also known as the prodromal stage).  The application of the intercept CS’ thermal therapy treatment results in a “heat shock” response within the skin cells.  The production of heat shock proteins is increased in response to heat shock and some of these proteins participate with the immune system to help recognize and eliminate virally-infected cells.
The early and rapid elimination of virally-infected cells prevents the virus from spreading between cells.  This leads to quick resolution of the viral outbreak and to a symptom-free return to the skin’s normal healthy state